Throwback: The Beach Boys

Tuned In LogoReady for a blast from the past? Back in the 1960s, this band was all the rage, and I think it’s high time for them to get a little love from our generation. The Beach Boys, a great summer time, “good vibe” feeling band, are the “throwback” today.

Even if you are not into your parents’ music, have you ever heard bicycle bells, dog whistles, and plastic water jugs all being used in a song? And sounding amazing?

From their hit album Pet Sounds, which is known as one of the greatest albums of all time, a different side to the sun-and-surf band comes out. The Beach Boys had such great talent; they were at times in competition with the Beatles for chart-topping hits.

Beach_BoysWith rock, classical hints, intricate vocal harmonies, and exotic instruments all centered on a surf pop genre, this band pleases every taste of music with its all-encompassing sound. Doo-wop and a jazzy rhythm and blues meet synthpop and rock, and the mixture is a surprising recipe for success.

When you want a bit of a jazzy step to your music, in stark contrast to the techno beats of today, the Beach Boys are the go-to band. Their pure harmonic vocals, with their lead singer Brian Wilson reaching almost a full falsetto range, and their melodious and sweet lyrics are amazing. Every song on Sounds of Summer, a greatest hits collection, has me thinking about summer love and surfing the day away.

Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!), Surfer Girl, and Sounds of Summer are the three top albums I recommend, and when you hear such classics as “Don’t Worry Baby,” and “God Only Knows,” you will be inspired.

This band flips the idea that older classics are out of style. Music like this will always be wonderful. Go surprise your parents, and put on some Beach Boys. Their Good Vibrations will have you grooving, and the beautifully intricate harmonies and lyrics will ensure them a place among your top favorites.

Tuned In is a regular music column written by Michele Haeberlin, Current Staff.

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  1. Susan Haeberlin

    Your ability to write so well surprises and delights me…… 🙂

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