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Adviser: Mr. Eric Beltmann

Room 2731

West Bend High School
1305 East Decorah Road
West Bend, WI 53095

2 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Alice Iaquinta

    Thank you for providing your excellent article on each of the school board candidates. I was able to get my questions about the candidates answered from the information and I was able to make an informed decision as to who the two people would be that I vote for. Keep up the good work!

  2. Bob Pieters

    Congratulations, Hannah, for a thoughtful and well-written column; and you are for the most part correct in your views. Would that freedom of thought and expression would be more welcome on college campuses, where “certain” views are discouraged by fearful or bigoted faculty and administrators. Censorship too often winds up as thought control. One tip, however: The office of the President has assumed in recent decades, in the opinion of many, too much power exercised by the burgeoning bureaucracies that fall under the Executive Branch. The current President, and to some degree his predecessor, has and have used executive decisions to blunt the power of Congress, but Congress has cooperated in the transfer of power by delegating awesome authority to executive agencies that formerly was the purview of the House and Senate. Good luck on your Journalism interest wherever that takes you. Bob Pieters, Grandparent

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