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It Wasn’t About Hall Passes (Nov. 20, 2014): Lauren Sorensen’s editorial about a student protest in November 2014 is the most read article at The Current, with more than 27,000 hits and 74 reader comments. It was also read on air by a Milwaukee talk radio host.


Youth Risk Behavior Survey Five-Part Series (Feb. 14, 2019): Elise Marlett inspects the results of a countywide student survey from five unique angles.

Breaking the News: Why the Shakeup at the Local Paper Matters (Feb. 7, 2019): After three editors were laid off at the Daily News, Samantha Dietel wrote this editorial about the importance of community journalism.

‘Did You Hear Anything?’: Shutdown Keeps Area Family in Limbo (Jan. 22, 2019): Samantha Dietel reports on how the U.S. government shutdown uniquely affected one family with West Bend ties.


‘They Took My Plane Ticket’: French Exchange Students Surprised by Security Checks (Oct. 29, 2018): Samantha Dietel locates an unusual angle for the foreign exchange program between West Bend and Annecy, France.

Welcome to the Dollhouse (Oct. 12, 2018): Samantha Dietel profiles an East graduate who designed the artwork for the 2018 Milwaukee Film Festival.

School Safety Five-Part Series (April 8, 2018): Samantha Dietel spent a month investigating campus safety at the West Bend High Schools.


Which Makes Thee Startle: A Story of Mice and Men (Dec. 14, 2017): Kaitlyn Von Behren and Gabrielle Diaz investigate why mice sightings were on the rise at the high schools.

‘He’s the Hero of Our Family’: Local Teacher Has Ties to Relief Effort in Puerto Rico (Oct. 11, 2017): Jessica Steger profiles an East English teacher whose husband was deployed with the National Reserve in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Local Teacher Struggles with Travel Ban (Feb. 15, 2017): Hannah Bensen investigates why a West English teacher was worried about how President Trump’s travel ban would affect her Iranian-American extended family.


Independent Film “Another Yesterday” Has West Bend Connections (Dec. 16, 2016): Kaitlyn von Behren interviews Oshkosh-based director Steven Heil about shooting a feature film in Wisconsin.

A House Divided Against Itself (Nov. 7, 2016): Alina Prahl interviews Paula Becker and Gabbie Becker, a mother and daughter who disagree about the 2016 presidential election.

Field of Dreams (May 10, 2016): Justin Scherzer tells the story of three West athletes who started playing baseball together at age nine and have now been recruited by Division I college teams.

Move Over, Steven Spielberg (April 14, 2016): Alina Prahl interviews the five WBHS students whose work was accepted into the inaugural Lake Country Film Festival. Watch each movie here.

Playing with Color: The Artist Who Makes Magic (April 9, 2016): Hannah Bensen interviews sculptor Narendra Patel, who designed “Confluence,” the large, colorful artwork in the East yard.

State Law Should Guarantee Freedoms for Student Journalists (Feb. 8, 2016): Due to her own experiences, student reporter Lauren Sorensen endorsed legislation proposed by a free press advocacy group.


The Physics Egg Drop Is Toast (Nov. 23, 2015): After a popular student activity was canceled, Hannah Bensen’s investigation helped lead to its reinstatement. This piece was read on air by a Milwaukee talk radio host.

My Dad Was There (Nov. 20, 2015): Lauren Sorensen interviewed Erica Bhatti, an East student whose father was in Paris at the time of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks.

That Doesn’t Look Good (Oct. 1, 2015): Maggie Kieser reported on a rash of injuries faced by East football during Homecoming Week.

Cheating Scandal Rocks Advanced Placement Math Class (Feb. 4, 2015): Miranda Paikowski’s investigative report was the most popular post of 2015 and was singled out for praise by a Milwaukee talk radio host.

Former Sun Will Be a Badger (Jan. 13, 2015): When Zack Baun signed with UW-Madison, Anthony Schlass decided to track down and interview the former East student.


No Ripple Effect (Dec. 9, 2014): After a neighboring district abandoned Common Core, Lauren Sorensen asked whether that decision would impact the West Bend School District.

Combine East and West High? (Sept.-Dec. 2014): Miranda Paikowski’s series related to a school board proposal to combine the two local high schools earned first place for in-depth reporting in a statewide journalism contest.

Board Vote Gets a Standing Ovation (Oct. 6, 2014): Alyssa Birkeland wanted to be the first to report on whether the school board would merge the two high schools. Her piece scooped all other local media.

Standing Behind the President (Sept. 16, 2014): Alex Kopish interviewed a West social studies teacher who was invited to stand on stage with President Obama when he visited Milwaukee.

Who Does Number Two Work For? (May 8, 2014): Mike Smale’s humorous report about a restroom mystery is one of The Current‘s most popular reads.


Science Will Knock You Out (Dec. 19, 2013): When a student passed out while looking at a cadaver, Mike Smale had to tell her story.

Say Goodbye to Exam Exemptions (Nov. 17, 2013): Natalie Wanasek investigated why the popular exam exemption program was canceled.