School Newspaper Should Ask Questions


If it doesn’t go against school code, I would like to make a plea for more questions. Particularly those in regards to all of the testing given in our high school as well as throughout our entire district. Students deserve to know why they are being required to do all of this testing, who initiated it, and why neither the students nor teachers have a say in any of it. I strongly encourage topics like these to be published in the West Bend Current as it’s the media’s gift to bridge the informative gap between the administration and the student body.

As displayed in last semester’s riot, we the students want accountability and answers. And if our own school newspaper can’t uncover a few answers to our questions, or give the student body a voice, then I have to ask what’s the point of having a school newspaper? I wish not to antagonize any journalists or publishers of the West Bend Current, as I actually think that the articles written are very good. What I do ask, as a West Senior, is in this time of new curriculums, policies, and administration, may the West Bend Current be the tool to give the students and teachers of West Bend High back their voice.

Laurel Farina
West senior

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3 responses to “School Newspaper Should Ask Questions

  1. Anon

    This was a well needed article. Many questions should be asked of the school and it’s administration. Giving the students a platform where they can fairly voice concern and opinion will enable reasonable discussion to be had in a reasonable fashion. I don’t think there should be an issue granting students more freedom to speak their mind would or should be an issue for the school or it’s administration.

  2. Mr. Zappia

    Nice letter Laurel, very well stated.

  3. jodi

    Don’t blame West Bend school district 100%. These extra tests are a result of national requirements, yes, common core. I do believe Governor Walker has given school districts the ability to opt out of common core. So now, who will take the lead to get our school board to get rid of common core?

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