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By Alyssa Birkeland, Current Staff

The East Booster Club is hosting a new kind of fundraiser that includes a helicopter, a target, and over one thousand golf balls.

Since last fall’s final decision to keep East and West separate, the Booster Club (which had originally been combined for both schools) split into two. At one of the early meetings for East, the decision was made to hold a golf ball drop fundraiser. The event will take place on Sunday, May 17.

Ron Larson, East Booster president, is excited to see through to the final result of the club’s months of preparation. “It’s kind of a rushed thing this year. It’s the first year we’re doing it, we had to get all these special licenses from the state, and the WIAA had to approve what we were doing,” Larson said.

“We had to get all these special licenses from the state.”
– Ron Larson, East Booster president

Tickets are $20 each for golf balls. On the day of the event, a helicopter will drop all of the golf balls on to a target over the athletic fields, and the ball that lands closest to the target will win a grand prize of $5,000.

Other events will take place throughout the day leading up to the ball drop. There will be a cover band performing, obstacle courses, and a dunk tank featuring familiar faces like teacher Scott Mindel and coach Colleen Hasse. The East softball team is also coordinating a brat fry for the event.

Ultimately, the Booster Club hopes to be able to extend greater help to East teams. Larson, also the boys JV basketball coach, said that the basketball program as a whole has a $250 budget, and most teams are not far off from that number. Larson brought up that the track team is looking for a new pole vault mat – a $17,000 expense that is very hard to meet on a small budget. The Booster Club aims to cover part of that cost, and similar equipment costs for all teams.

“We’ve had good support, and we’d like more,” Larson said. Larson is happy with the enthusiasm from the community surrounding their first year doing the fundraiser, and is hoping for even more from each of the athletic teams. The Booster Club plans on holding a ball drop every year, and making it bigger in the future.

To purchase a golf ball, contact an East Booster member or  varsity coach, or send an email to WBEbooster@gmail.com.  More info can be found here.

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