Cross Country Runners Hit the Pavement

By Allison Trampe, Current Staff

East senior Kayla Keegan remembers almost getting hit by cars last year while running on a grassy, gravel-filled patch of land between a cornfield and a busy road.

Fortunately, East and West cross country runners like Keegan now have a brand new sidewalk to run on. Construction on the sidewalk along River Road was started over summer and paved in August. The new sidewalk ensures the runners’ safety and allows new routes for them to run.

2015.09.24_Bodart“Instead of running in the road where cars can potentially hit us we can now run safely,” Taylor Kintopf, East junior, said.

Not only does the new sidewalk provide safety, it also helps prevent runners from getting injuries. “Now we won’t have to run in the grass where there are dips in the ground and almost roll our ankles, and it’s much better for our legs,” said West junior Laiken Morgan.

Cross country runners enjoy the new sidewalk and so do the coaches.

“I love the new sidewalk! It opens us up to running in different parts of West Bend,” East girls cross country coach Rob Sanborn said.

While the new sidewalk is appreciated by the cross country teams, it isn’t problem-free.

“I was hoping it would be an asphalt-paved sidewalk which isn’t quite as hard as concrete,” Sanborn said.

One other downfall is the shape of the sidewalk, which snakes around telephone poles. “I think sometimes it’s irritating. I wish it didn’t curve as much and it was a straight shot,” East senior Melanie Daley said.

(Image: When it comes to the new sidewalk, the East girls cross country team is all in. Photograph courtesy of Cassie Bodart, East ninth grader. Video interview by Allison Trampe, Current Staff.)

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