Skalecki Monument Gets New Home


By Kaitlyn Von Behren, Current Staff

Eleven years ago, after a myriad of donations and hours of organization, East seniors planted a pine tree in honor of retiring principal Mary Skalecki.

They picked a spot in the East yard, but that spot is where the Silver Linings Arts Center now stands. So what happened to Skalecki’s monument?

Skalecki was the East principal from 1989 to 2004. She was, according to science teacher Dan Millin, a motherly person who moved West Bend students towards being tolerant and helping each other.

Teachers remember her as someone who always thought first of her students and colleagues. “She cared about the students and the staff, the teachers here. She was quiet, but she had an air about her that was commanding in terms of people respecting her,” art teacher Jay Krueger said.

An engraved stone beside Skalecki’s pine tree honored her contributions to the West Bend School District over the years. All of this was planned by the East seniors independently from the faculty. This past year, because of the construction of the Arts Center, the monument was moved nearer to the East entrance.

“She cared about the students and the teachers here.”
– Jay Krueger, East art teacher

After countless donations from members of the community and school, the Silver Lining Arts Center was finished in December of 2014. Because Skalecki’s stone was in the exact location of the Arts Center today, it was the first thing that needed to be moved nearer to the East doors. The pine tree couldn’t come along because it was too expensive to move. It was quickly cut down, but it is imperative to remember what Skalecki herself would’ve wanted. Ruth Ruh, Skalecki’s secretary for all 16 years she was principal, said Skalecki wouldn’t have “wanted money wasted on” carefully moving and re-planting a tree.

At the 2004 graduation, the surprise gift from East’s seniors was made public. “She was quite taken aback and honored. It was a very special night,” Ruh said.

Over her 16 years as head principal, Skalecki touched the lives of over 10,000 students. Although Skalecki was ending her tenure, she was ready for this change. In a May 2004 interview with the East Horizon student newspaper, Skalecki said, “I feel a bit like our seniors must at graduation. I think when you retire it’s sort of like graduation, accomplishing something great and then moving on to something completely new and different.”

(Photograph by Kaitlyn Von Behren, Current Staff.)


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4 responses to “Skalecki Monument Gets New Home

  1. Marcy Shigley

    Mary and I were neighbors in Bowler Wi where her husband taught and Mary went to school. She made everything look so effortless so I knew she would be a great and conscientious principal. Congratulations, Mary, on your award-very deserving!

  2. Mary Skalecki

    Kaitlyn….Your article brought back so many treasured memories of my 16 years as Principal of West Bend East. I remember graduation night in June of 2004 when it took 2 strong graduates to carry that heavy “rock” to the stage toward the end of the graduation ceremony. I remember Katie Steinhardt’s kind words and the beautiful bouquet of flowers from the students of Channel, our student government. No doubt, East students are the most amazing, talented, intelligent, caring young people any Principal would be proud of. I am pleased that the monument has a new home in the East landscape and that the high schools have a new Silver Lining Arts Center. So thank you Kaitlyn for your fine research and writing, and thanks to Mr. Krueger, Mr. Millin, and Mrs. Ruh for your comments. The students and staff at East were/are simply the BEST! Hello to Mr. Beltman. Carry on the good work with the Current!

  3. Carolyn (Liazuk) Siok

    I had the honor of living across the street from Mary Lou (as we called her) growing up. She was one of my best friends. After school, life took us in different directions, but we still managed to see each other and always kept in touch with our yearly Christmas card and letter. It doesn’t surprise me that she was the principal that this article says she was. She was a caring friend and fun to be around. Some child hood friends, even though you don’t see each other for a while, when you do get together, it is like no time has past. She is one of those friends. And I know that she was the caring principal that this article says she was.

  4. Eric Beltmann

    It’s wonderful to hear from you, Mary! Thanks for everything you did for East, and let me add, on a personal level, that I always appreciated your unfailing encouragement and support!

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