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Beach House is a band started in Maryland, and much like their name, they are centered in relaxing melodies. The two members, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, create an ethereal edge to all of their music.

Correctly named dream pop, this music will transport you to another time, and another place. Legrand’s haunting voice and the melancholic harmonies woven throughout their songs create a sound unlike any other. (You might know Legrand’s voice from the popular song “Two Weeks” by Grizzly Bear, which she is featured on.)

Since starting small with their 2006 self-titled debut, this band has been recognized for their great potential as they just keep improving. When their next album Devotion came out two years later, I thought that was my new favorite album. But then came Teen Dream and Bloom, each better than the last!

DepressionCherryAnd now this year they have released two wonderful albums, Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars, both incredible. While always keeping to their core of gloomy melodies and gentle patterns, Beach House has managed to refine and improve their sound with every album.

Their central theme always remains constant, to transport their audience away from the rapid and harsh world of reality to a soft and relaxing beach house. I am transported away whenever I listen to their songs, and yet their sad underlying tones fit in well, because we must always return to reality eventually.

Beach House fits various subtle patterns into one complex sound that is both layered and yet simple to understand and relatable.

On Depression Cherry, Legrand sounds almost as if she is giving a romantic soliloquy or they were orchestrating a tragic love story in a silent film.

My favorite songs on Depression Cherry are “Space Song” and “Days of Candy.” Both songs stick to the band’s core style of vibrant vocals mixed with soft instrumentals, but they bring in new aspects as well. In these songs there is a wide array of instruments, from a vintage organ keyboard to slide guitars. Unlike previous albums, there is a diverse range of song types, from more subdued lullabies to songs with beats you want to dance to.

I am certain Beach House is going to continue to produce even greater material (if possible) as they grow and continue to refine their core sound.

Check out Beach House as a much needed break from the stressful and chilly world of December in Wisconsin!

Tuned In is a regular music column written by Michele Haeberlin, Current Staff.

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