Cramming With Glass Animals

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That dreaded time is upon us—semester exams are here, and there is a desperate need for motivational music to get us through those late night cramming sessions before the big test.

Unfortunately, that is not what I have for you. Instead of a high-energy band with screaming lead singers and booming bass, I present to you Glass Animals. This band is for relaxation and de-stressing, but that is still important before taking your test so don’t write them off yet!

In this band the lead singer, Dave Bayley, has created a new kind of psychedelic indie rock. The band’s 2014 album Zaba is truly one of a kind.

GlassAnimalsZabaBayley has an incredible range and an almost feminine quality to his voice that fits nicely into the smooth and jazzy sound of their music. But Glass Animals also incorporate techno beats and complex instrumentation with heavy percussion into all of their songs, giving them a mix of genres that is purely their own. Glass Animals is a band you can dance to, but it is a techno-meets-jazz kind of beat rather than just “dropping the bass.”

With Bayley’s soulful harmonies and intriguing vocals fitting in and around the various melodies, the overall effect of Zaba is just mesmerizing. From Bayley’s hypnotic voice to the exotic sounds throughout this album, you will be lulled into a strange lullaby. This album gave me a sense of release and peace, and yet it seemed to grow and almost reach the summit, and then simply, and yet fittingly, concluded.

Though their biggest hit, “Gooey,” is a wonderful song (I mean just the beginning itself will show you how mysterious and abstract they are), make sure to check out the rest of their music as well! Slow rock jazz may not be the energy pumping vibes you had in mind, but you would be surprised how much you can accomplish with some simple smooth tunes.

Tuned In is a regular music column written by Michele Haeberlin, Current Staff.

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