We Care Too Much


We care too much, about the things that don’t matter
We care more about materialistic objects than about another person
We fear commitment, sacrifice, compromise
When did we become THAT generation?

The technologically obsessed, detached from social contact
We can’t go anywhere without tweeting, snapchatting, and instagramming our lives
We think we make connections which bring us closer together
That’s far from reality at hand
All of it just gives us a false sense of security
We think we’re helping and making a change
In some cases yes, in most however no we’re not at all
We’re tearing this world down into a pile of tweets and status updates
Who’s to say we can’t stop this?
Go out, find love, make mistakes, grow as a person
Stop sitting and thinking you’re living when in reality you’re not, we’re not
We’re all going to look back in ten years and think wow why didn’t I talk to them
Why didn’t I take the risks when I still could?
Why didn’t I live life to the best I could?
We’re too afraid of commitment these days because we’re worried about being tied down
We’re too afraid to be different because of what society says different is
Being different isn’t bad, being different shows that you don’t care what others think
We’re the generation that didn’t love enough, that has no empathy, that didn’t live life
Think about when you ask your grandparents stories of their childhood
Now think about what you’ll tell your grandchildren
There’s a difference, one generation experienced life
The other went through the motions
We’re the kids who quit, that didn’t try hard enough, the ones that lost on love
We care too much about what doesn’t matter
We’re too self-absorbed
We’re too scared to put ourselves out there, to make mistakes
We’re too guarded to love
We’re too guarded to care
We’re that generation that’s stuck
The ones whose goal in life is to be like everyone else
The ones to follow the latest trends, have the most followers
We’re the ones who think popularity is defined by the retweets and likes
But, who’s to say we can’t change that
Go out and experience life
Fall in love, get lost, find yourself, be who you were meant to be
Put society and all the fear aside and live
Live to tell the crazy stories
Live to be known as THAT generation that changed it all

Morgan Ludke
East sophomore

The Current welcomes submissions from all students, faculty, administration, and community members, but reserves the right to edit for length or content.  Any column, editorial, or letter to the editor expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily the entire staff.

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  1. Susan Kornemann H.

    Very Poignant!

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