Study Hall Makeover


By Jessica Steger, Current Staff

Recently the smell of spring, and fresh paint, has been in the air.

East National Honor Society has undertaken the task of revitalizing the East study hall paint job. This project is already well underway, and after three Saturdays of work, it is almost complete.

“The first week we probably had 13 or 14 students, the second week we had a little bit less, 10 maybe. And last week there were three,” said Scott Mindel, who co-advises NHS with Scott Lone. Both are East social studies teachers.

“It looks so much better now than it was before, I’m so glad we did it. And it looks much better compared to West [study hall], too,” said Taylor Kintopf, East junior.


Morgan Dommisse, East senior

Mindel thinks the study hall’s makeover will generate more school spirit when compared to its original style. “The walls before were left over from a mural that was painted I don’t even know how many years ago, and was started to be painted over but was never finished. So that’s why we took over this project,” he said.

The new paint job will have a theme of West Bend East, with a color scheme of gold, maroon, and white. “It will have two school logos on the back walls and two large suns on the side walls with stripes. Maroon and gold and white coming out of the sun that will come all the way to the front. And the walls are painted Navajo white, so it’s an off-white cream color,” Lone said.

According to Mindel, the cost for repainting the East study hall has been reduced due to the fact that the Navajo paint was already in supply from other projects around the school. “It was less than $200, which is less than what it would be to buy a logo from a company and slap it on the wall. And this is actually probably more permanent,” Mindel said.

The quest to start the project was multi-stepped. According to Lone, he and Mindel first had to talk to the NHS officers, who thought it was a sound idea. Next Mindel contacted building administration, who directed him to district administration, who in turn directed him back to building administration. “We had to submit a proposal of what it would look like and we got it signed off,” Lone said.

Lone added that the painting is almost complete, save for a few more stripes that need to be finished.

(Photographs courtesy of Scott Lone, NHS co-adviser.)


East NHS members Alex Pokorski, Morgan Dommisse, Allison Trampe, Taylor Kintopf and Emmalee Ciriacks help paint the study hall.

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  1. Mary Eichner

    Nice article, Jessica! You were an awesome writer in 5th grade and you are even better today!

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