Talk Is Cheap, Music Is Better

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As my time as a member of The Current draws to a close I hope to leave you all with one last recommendation that you will hopefully enjoy as much as I do.

Chet Faker is his name (well, Nicholas James Murphy), and his music is going to get me through this summer and the looming shadow of college. Let me introduce you all to this new up-and-coming indie star, and his chill vibes should help you all calm down after final exams like it will for me.

With a mix of soul and a downtempo version of electronica, this artist is a unique find. After being confused as a different artist named Nick Murphy, Chet changed his name in homage to a jazz musician, Chet Baker. This shows his great appreciation for and strong influence by jazz musicians in all of his songs.

built_on_glassHis music has been consistently high quality and a “new sound,” but he was first pushed into the spotlight with his cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity.”

His work has a personable feel because he writes, performs, and records all of his music. I personally enjoy all of his lyrics; they hold meaning and an inner depth that is lost in the repetitive pop songs on the radio.

Although all of his songs are instrumentally similar in style and overall sound, each song holds a different story and they are able to stand alone as well as be played cohesively in a full album set.

Chet Faker is not afraid to explore new frontiers in his work and I believe from here he will only continue to grow as a musician and advance the quality of his work. His amazing vocal range and use of various instruments throughout his albums, as well as the personal touch he gives them, all lead to a finished product that is both beautiful and inspiring.

I hope you enjoy this artist as much as I do, and thank you all very much for letting me write these articles and help influence your musical inclinations and taste.

Tuned In is a regular music column written by Michele Haeberlin, Current Staff.

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  1. Susie Haeberlin

    Very well written article Michele….

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