West Bend Schools Step Up

East High will participate in Hurricane Harvey Donation Drive

By Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief

While a problem may be approximately one thousand miles away, part of the solution is located right here in the West Bend School District.

Seven West Bend schools have joined to create the Hurricane Harvey Donation Drive. The donations will go to the KIPP Prime College Preparatory School in Houston, Texas. The drive begins Monday and continues through Thursday. Each day the drive will run from 7 a.m to 3 p.m.

Participating sites include East High School, Silverbrook Intermediate School, Badger Middle School, and four elementary schools: Decorah, Green Tree, McLane and Fair Park.

“The reason that we are doing this drive is that we often in education, as teachers, have a responsibility to make sure our students are provided for,” said John Graf, principal of Green Tree Elementary School. “And by doing this drive we are hopefully going to help and serve students in another place.”

Students can actively begin to help Houston students by bringing in items to be donated. Each day will have designated items to be donated.

“By doing this drive we are hopefully going to help and serve students in another place.”
– John Graf, Green Tree Elementary School principal

Monday’s donations will focus on blankets, slippers, gift cards and backpacks. On Tuesday the drive is centered around child care, taking items such as diapers and wipes.

Come Wednesday the drive will accept clothes, sizes youth 10-18. Thursday has a variety of items, starting with blankets, kitty litter, slippers, pet treats and food, and gift cards.

For every day of the drive gift cards for area gas stations such as Valero or Chevron Houston are encouraged.

“A coordinated effort as a district will be a huge benefit for KIPP Prime, rather than each school giving individually,” said Adrienne Schneider, principal of Decorah Elementary School.

The district is also planning to assist a school in the region affected by Hurricane Irma.

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