Exchange Student Is All Business

By Elise Marlett, Current Staff

It’s always important to stay focused in school, but Eleonora Madmarova pays particular attention to her business classes.

Madmarova, an exchange student from Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, is spending this school year at West Bend East High School. Madmarova arrived Aug. 2 and is living with the Strassburg family in West Bend. She has come to not only experience American culture, but to explore her passions by learning business skills through the classes offered at the high school. Madmarova aspires to be a successful business woman in her adult life and believes that this experience can get her there.

Madmarova is clear that individual passion should be the sole motivator for success. The reason she works so diligently is so she can eventually spend the rest of her life doing what she loves.

She hopes to one day become the owner of a confectionery shop in Switzerland, as a way to combine her passion for baking with her passion for business.

“This is what I love,” Madmarova said. “Somebody loves to draw, somebody loves to sing. I love business. Pick a thing that you love, because when you love your job, it is not a job, it is a lifestyle.”

This semester, Madmarova’s efforts have been placed into her two business courses, Principles of Business and Principles of Management, as she works to gain a deep understanding of concepts within a short period of time. Her teachers have noticed aspects of her personality, particularly her drive and passion, that will bring her success in the future.

“Pick a thing that you love, because when you love your job, it is not a job, it is a lifestyle.”
– Eleonora Madmarova

Her Principles of Management teacher, Allison Holtzer, has recognized an astounding amount of enthusiasm and kindness within Madmarova that positively impacts other students.

“From a high school student, you don’t see that,” Holtzer said. “She wants to do everything and do it so well.”

Madmarova’s Principles of Business teacher, Ronald Hedricks, also noticed her determination in the classroom and acknowledges how these qualities will lead her to success in the business world.

“She is willing to dig in and learn,” Hedricks said. “She’s a very nice girl, very smart girl. She’s a good person and I think she will do very, very well.”

Madmarova believes that the freedom of course selection in the American school system is part of what makes this experience so special for her.

“I am taking culinary next semester,” Madmarova said. “In my country we can’t choose the classes. The schedule is created by government.”

American schools surprise Madmarova daily, as she learns to adapt to what most students find to be ordinary. Madmarova points out the freedom of the individual student through something as simple as a bathroom pass, a luxury she is unfamiliar with.

“Here if you want to go to the bathroom you can just take this thing,” Madmarova said while giggling. “That was really new for me.”

Though Madmarova is from Kyrgyzstan, she is still a typical teenager. She has taken a liking to many popular American bands, particularly Imagine Dragons.

(Top image: Exchange student Eleanora Madmarova studies Nov. 9 during her sixth period Principles of Management class. Photo by Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief.)

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