Come for No Nonsense, Stay for Coffee

Student band will perform at the Hub’s ribbon cutting ceremony

By Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief

No Nonsense is making its big break into the community.

The band will help kick off the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Hub Thursday at noon. The Hub is a coffee shop opened by the Washington County Volunteer Center on Water Street in West Bend. There have been several soft openings, and a weekend-long Grand Opening will begin May 17. The ribbon cutting marks the beginning of regular business hours.

It’s fitting that No Nonsense, a band created by West Bend High School students, will be there, considering the band began to form in a local restaurant.

“We started out of the ashes of the Spontaneous Combustion brass band,” East senior Michael Novotny said. “We were at Taco Bell actually, and I was like, ‘hey you guys need a sousaphone player?,’ and they were like ‘yeah, sure.’”

Current members of the band are Novotny, Spencer Hikade, Nick Theisen, Jake Clemetson, Connor Hall and Cody Clark.

Novotny aspires to make an impression on the community members who will be present at the ceremony.

“I hope to get a good crowd reaction, hopefully they’ll like us,” Novotny said. “It’s always nice when you see the audience clapping along or smiling, or at least looking at you.”

“We are so grateful to No Nonsense for helping us to kick off this great community project.”
– Sue Millin, executive director of the Washington County Volunteer Center

According to WBHS band director Leah Duckert-Kroll, No Nonsense has the talent to impress the crowd.

“I think they are a fantastic band, especially considering how Mr. Murphy and I don’t work with them, so they are not director-led,” Duckert-Kroll said. “They are purely student-led and they always have been, and for that I think the quality is really high.”

Duckert-Kroll was the orchestrator of this gig for No Nonsense. Sue Millin, the executive director of the Volunteer Center, reached out to Duckert-Kroll, asking if the WBHS drumline could play. Duckert-Kroll saw an opportunity and recommended No Nonsense.

The band’s willingness to help the community has not gone unappreciated.

“We are so grateful to No Nonsense for helping us to kick off this great community project,” Millin said.

No Nonsense will be picked up from WBHS on the Do Good Bus, which is another community project from the Volunteer Center. The Do Good Bus picks up volunteers, but there is a twist. The volunteers usually do not know where they are going to volunteer until they get there. This project eventually led to the creation of The Hub.

“It takes people who are interested, but not yet committed,” Millin said. “But how do you get to people who don’t know they’re interested? How do you get them to be interested? So that is where the coffee shop idea actually came about.”

The Hub is mostly volunteer-run, with only one paid manager. Keeping with the true sense of volunteering, all tips made will be donated to a different featured nonprofit each week. But the true purpose of the Hub is to introduce people to new volunteer opportunities. So far the Hub has 48 volunteers who have agreed to help run the shop.

“The idea was to develop a place here where people could hang out, and help to bring the community together, Millin said. “And maybe somebody will be inspired to give their time down the road. Our primary goal is really to bring people together and help them figure out how they can make a difference in our community.”

The community has been fully supportive of this endeavor. It was through the donations and services of local businesses and people that the Hub was built.

“An interesting example is Lakeside Development paid for the materials to make the bar,” Millin said. “And then Gen III built the bar, and Matt’s Custom Carpentry installed the bar, and Bedrock Granite and Tile put on the granite counter, which they donated. And it just kept spiraling from there.”

The Hub is still keeping it fairly local by serving beverages from Stone Creek Coffee, a Milwaukee company. In addition, all the volunteers have been professionally trained by the company.

“We chose Stone Creek because of their strong connections and their beliefs and their mission really did align with ours,” Millin said.

Regular business hours for the Hub will be 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

You can also catch No Nonsense twice Friday. They will perform at the WBHS talent show inside the Silver Lining Arts Center and also at the Home, Sporting & Recreation Expo inside the Washington County Fair Park & Conference Center.

(Top image: No Nonsense performs Feb.7 at the Rock & Jazz Fest in the Silver Lining Arts Center. Photo courtesy of Cindy Berger Spangenberg. Photos of the Hub taken Saturday by Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief.)

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