The Current View: Teachers and Guns

What do you think about arming teachers as a safety measure?

“I think that arming teachers is unnecessary. If teachers want to have a gun, I think that they can. I don’t necessarily agree with it but they are their own person, they are independent. However I don’t think it should be a mandatory thing.
Alex Schloemer, East senior

“I believe teachers should be offered the chance, but they obviously need to go through training. I think it will help deter violence in schools. We have one police liaison officer here, for 2,500 kids. That’s pretty insane. If they have help from teachers that’d definitely help lower the chances (of tragedy).”  
Logan Chesak, West junior

“Not all teachers should be able to. Some, but not all of them. Because I don’t want to feel too nervous in this school knowing that there are guns everywhere. But (I want to) know that some teachers have it so we can be protected if we need it.”
Genevieve Frounfelker, East ninth grader

“Based on all the current situations, arming teachers, especially teachers without training, would be very dangerous. And I would feel less safe with teachers having guns, because I’d know there would be a gun close by. Rather than somebody walking in with one, which has a less chance of happening although it does happen.”
Tim Simon, West junior

“I’m for it. I feel like all teachers should take a gun control and safety class. And learn how to properly use one. Like a small one, that you could put in a secured and locked desk.
Kasey Butcher, East senior

“I think it is a good idea because I’d feel safer. As long as they went through safety tests I believe it would be safer.”
Lily Hahn, West ninth grader

(These interviews are part of an ongoing series of stories about school safety. Interviews and photos by Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief.)

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