The Current View: National Walkout

Why did you participate in today’s national school walkout?

“I went just to support the kids that were killed in any school shooting. And I went to have that moment of silence for the people who died in the Florida shooting.
Nick Matsunaga, West senior

I’m choosing to walk out because I believe what has been happening in our schools, and especially in Florida, with little to no interference by the police, is despicable. And that everybody should feel safe in school. And it’s sad that we have to do such things in order to raise awareness for it all.”  
Dani Mulder, East senior

“(I went) to show awareness of the crisis that is going on in America that needs to change. And obviously it isn’t being dealt with, so the only way to make a change is to make a stand. And show people that we deserve safety.
Matthew Rosgar, East junior

I want to draw attention to it. People are really underrating this, and these kinds of things need to stop. And people need to know that it’s not just another school or another kid. This could happen to anyone, there is no rhyme or reason. I feel like, if more attention gets drawn to this issue, then all the better.
Erin Sablay, East junior

I just simply wanted to stand up for something that I believe in.
Danny Massingale, West sophomore

Well, I did it for the lives that were lost, I didn’t do it just to leave class. I know a lot of kids did it to get out of class, but I feel bad for the families who lost someone.”
Hailey King, East sophomore

Interviews and photos by Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief.

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