The Music You Speak


The music you speak with every breath
Every gasp of air a dying wish
Words you think but rhymes you say
Every letter used for a phrase

Quotes revealing what people think
All the music that we speak

Some words are left unsaid
Running rings inside your head
Sometimes you speak but no one hears
But sometimes it’s just that no one cares

The music you speak has volume changes
Maybe a whisper or a scream
Plays on repeat or never seen
You control how loud it plays or if it will never see the light of day

But music is music and yours is yours
You don’t have to share your encrypted noise.

Stephanie Snyder
West sophomore

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(Top image used with permission from Wikimedia Commons.)

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One response to “The Music You Speak

  1. Ms. Di Bernardo

    Stephanie is a talented writer.

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