Musical Auditions are Back

By Leah Schmidt, Current Staff

If the pandemic era has felt a little like being isolated in a swamp, Tess Breit believes area audiences are ready for a fairy tale experience.

That’s why Breit, the musical director at the West Bend High Schools, chose “Shrek the Musical” for this year’s production. Due to COVID-19, students haven’t been able to do a musical since February 2020. Next February’s production represents a long-awaited comeback for the program.

Auditions will be held inside the choir room at 3 p.m. Monday and 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, with callbacks scheduled on Friday.

“I knew I wanted to do a show that would be uplifting and happy after such a difficult time we’ve all had the past year and a half,” Breit said. “I knew that we’d need a show that provided a variety of opportunities for students as it will be a rebuilding year after a year off from singing.”

This musical has a variety of roles that anyone could audition for whether it’s a lead role (Shrek and Fiona), an ensemble role or a background role. In this year’s auditions there will be plenty to choose from with a wide variety of characters.

Breit is excited about the musical and she wants to see all kinds of people audition whether they are ninth graders, sophomores, juniors, seniors or even elementary and middle schoolers.

“We will also be holding auditions for ‘Young Shrek’ and ‘Young Fiona,’ so elementary and middle school students will also have an opportunity to be in the show,” Breit said.

She is hoping to see lots of people audition.

“I just want to see people have fun!,” Breit said. “I hope they utilize the tools and resources available to them to prepare for the audition, but beyond that I want the audition process to be fun, positive and stress-free. Musical theatre is all about stepping out of your comfort zone; I hope that I can provide an environment where students feel free to do so.”

Breit hopes that this year’s musical, which opens Feb. 18 in the Silver Lining Arts Center, will brighten people’s day.

“I think people are going to like ‘Shrek’ because it is so closely based on the movie, it is hilarious, and they will likely see students they know featured in it,” she said. “There is not a dull moment in this show!”

(Top image used with permission via Wikimedia Commons.)

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