No Worries About ‘No Way Home’

By Brandon Labecki, Current Staff

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” overcame the worries of many, using past characters and ultimately leading to a fulfilling conclusion in Marvel’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Within the trailers for the film, villains of past Spider-Man franchises made appearances, both exciting and concerning fans on whether the final product, released Dec. 17, would act with respect toward the previous works.

The film passes that hurdle with flying colors.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” reintroduces past characters by fully immersing them within the plot, making them integral to the story and arcs of other characters. This makes the character revivals feel rewarding to the audience as the appearances are not simple cameos for the sole purpose of drawing attention to the film, but to act as an important part in the overall vision of the story.

One of the most interesting examples of this that was alluded to in the trailer was the villain Electro. Electro is a great point of interest since the film purposely chooses to elaborate on his physical change (shown in promotional material) and motives instead of opting for the much easier chance to retcon the original design.

Using the opportunity they had to weave it well into the rest of the story, Marvel made the character their own without making it feel like a throwaway change for the audience.

This attention to detail carries through the rest of the film as they revisit past beloved characters without making the audience feel cheated, since they are fully utilized and pay respect to the original appearances. 

(Images are official promotional material.)

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