Local Actor Stars in New Movie ‘Goodnight, Light’

By Hasti Ghasemivaghar, Current Staff

Tyler Jach never had a spring break like this one when he was a student at West Bend East High School.

Jach, who graduated in 2020, recently starred in the independent movie “Goodnight, Light,” which is projected to premiere on streaming services in December. The movie was filmed in early April, over nearly two weeks in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia in the Appalachian Mountains. It was directed by Jeffrey Bruck and produced by Roger Rorrer for Paradox City Films.

The plot involves seven college students who get caught up in a spring break fueled by revenge and past sins. Jach plays Michael, the boyfriend of a girl who was involved in a long-ago killing.

Back in his senior year of high school, Jach saw himself going into professional wrestling, with the dream of competing at the WWE level. Right after graduation, he started training with Frankie DeFalco, the owner of Brew City Wrestling in Milwaukee. However, a few months into training, Jach’s plans changed after his uncle, who professionally wrestled for 40 years, died at age 59.

“I was thinking to myself, this is what I want to do with my life,” Jach said. “I love this business so much. I watch every episode of it, every week. This is what I love. But is it worth doing this?”

With his uncle in mind, Jach began contemplating the costs and benefits of a life spent in professional wrestling.

“Is it worth doing this and taking 30 years off my life not being able to see my kids graduate, not being able to see my kids getting married? To do something that probably isn’t going to happen? And I eventually decided, no it’s not!,” he said.

The idea of acting popped into Jach’s head one day while mourning his uncle’s death, as he was laying down on the couch. After contacting his friend Sarah, who has modeled since a young age, he found out about the app called Backstage, which allows actors, models and singers to find out about new auditions. He gave acting a chance and it took off. Now, a year and half later, he has been in over a dozen films and has a page on the Internet Movie Database.

Professional photo of Tyler Jach taken before production of “Goodnight, Light.” Photo courtesy of Jach.

“The funny part is that he used to be a very quiet person,” said Greg Mielke, Jach’s Advanced Placement English Language and Composition teacher. “I didn’t hear him talk much in class, other than little conversations we had outside of class. He said he just kind of fell into it. It’s a talent he didn’t know he had, but apparently it’s something that other people saw in him.”

His first movie was “Come Out Fighting,” in which he played a WWII standing soldier. “Robertson” was the first film in which he played a lead role. Currently, he is working on a new project called “Queen of Battle,” which is a fictional podcast about the first female infantry division in the U.S Army. In the future, he wants to be the biggest actor in the world and be able to inspire “the little Tylers out there.”

Jach’s former high school classmates would know him better by his given name Tyler Gallun. He changed his name when he stepped into the acting industry, since nobody could pronounce his last name correctly.

“I don’t want to be known as a gallon,” said Jach. “Eighty-five percent of people have called me Tyler Gallon. In the film business, if they start calling you Gallon, it doesn’t matter if you correct them, your name is gonna be Gallon.”

He picked the name Jach for several reasons. His mother’s maiden name is Jach and the stage name of his uncle, whom he looked up to, was Master Jach. Tyler’s middle name is Jack, and he says that when he was born, his mother debated whether to spell it “Jack” or “Jach.”

“Goodnight, Light” is scheduled to be released for streaming the second week of December on Amazon Prime and Tubi, and the DVD will be available before Christmas on Redbox and at Walmart.

(Top image: Tyler Jach, middle, on the set of “Goodnight, Light” with Jane Lachniche, right, and director Jeffrey Bruck. Photo courtesy of Jach.)


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  1. Olivia

    Hasti, you are such an amazing writer. You inspire me sooooooo much!

  2. Ali Vaghar

    Sooooo proud of you, Hasti!

  3. Rachel mayberry

    I looked for it on both Tubi and Amazon prime video and could not find goodnight light on either of those platforms

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