The Current View: Female Role Models

In honor of Women’s History Month just ending, who is your female role model and why?

“Jennifer Lawrence, because I believe her acting has created such a large impact across audiences of all ages, and because of how real she is with the media and doesn’t try to put up a front. If you watch many of her interviews, you’ll see how funny and charismatic she is in every setting, and I don’t think she realizes how refreshing that is for an audience and maybe even other fellow celebrities.”
Shay Feiter, West sophomore

“My mom. She’s extremely funny, hardworking and admirable. She inspires me.”
Lexie Hering, West ninth grader

“My favorite female role model is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She fought to overcome sexism and fought for equal rights for both men and women. She graduated from Harvard Law School while raising her family and was one of nine women in her 500-person class. Ginsburg also had a massively successful law career and eventually made it into the Supreme Court. She was the second female appointed to the Supreme Court.”
Ellison Schrauth, West ninth grader

“Billie Holiday was all for the people and would even risk her own personal safety to speak up and sing about the issues of segregation and the fact that black people were people, too, and deserved freedom of expression just like everyone else. She became a huge part of the Civil Rights Movement and was even targeted by the FBI for it. Billie Holiday will forever have a mark on the black and feminist community.”
Sal Martinez, East junior

“Probably my girlfriend and I know I seem obligated to say that. I find her to be a very inspiring and adventurous person while still having a concise and intelligent way of doing things, which I find to be incredibly admirable and it makes me feel a little more secure in myself, and it feels like I can go and do things with her.”
Danny Zolp, East junior

“Ms. Dougherty. She’s understanding, she’s nice and she’s willing to put in the effort to help you understand things if you struggle learning.
Cody Dodge, East ninth grader

Interviews by Mia Herdeman, Current Staff. Photos courtesy of Feiter, Hering, Schrauth, Martinez, Zolp and Dodge.

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