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Milwaukee Film Festival Review: Jasper Jones

By Grace Peplinski, Current Staff

In “Jasper Jones,” a young man balanced on the edge between childhood and adolescence discovers a dark secret in his pristine hometown of Corrigan, Australia.

This interesting, impactful movie is just one of the many foreign and domestic films playing in this year’s Milwaukee Film Festival, which started Sept. 28. Continue reading

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The Current View: AP Testing 2017

How prepared are you for the Advanced Placement tests?

I feel pretty prepared. Our teachers all did a really good job at balancing things out over the year so we’re not cramming much in at the last second. And we have some time to review so overall I feel pretty good. Mostly I like to look at the review material that the teacher gives out, I don’t like going back in the textbook myself. The teachers usually do a pretty good job at giving us stuff that we could go over in order to be successful.
Justin Scherzer, East sophomore

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