The Current View: AP Testing 2017

How prepared are you for the Advanced Placement tests?

I feel pretty prepared. Our teachers all did a really good job at balancing things out over the year so we’re not cramming much in at the last second. And we have some time to review so overall I feel pretty good. Mostly I like to look at the review material that the teacher gives out, I don’t like going back in the textbook myself. The teachers usually do a pretty good job at giving us stuff that we could go over in order to be successful.
Justin Scherzer, East sophomore

Not prepared. I usually look over my notes and then I go online and take practice exams and sometimes I look at the flash cards. I cry myself to sleep over it.”  
Melanie Allen, East sophomore

I don’t know. I don’t know what you’d consider prepared. I guess I’m pretty prepared for it. We have the study groups during resource on Monday and then after school on Wednesday. We also have a review book of everything we learned and flash cards.
Colton Blake, East ninth grader

I feel pretty prepared for my AP exam. I’ve been studying for a while and have been going to review sessions to help as well. I still feel a little nervous but I hope I do well. I use Quizlet a lot and use an AP Gov review book. I also go in for review sessions and look over my notes.
Cassidy Chemer, West sophomore

“I’m 70-75% prepared. I use Barron’s flash cards, practice tests, study packets from my teacher, review books, and crash course videos.
Liesel Myers, West sophomore

I am feeling pretty confident in my AP test. I know I’m almost guaranteed that I’m going to pass with at least a three, but I want to get a five so I’ll spend the next few days studying pretty hard for the test.. Once it’s over it will be a relief.  Right now I’m looking over the book and all the terms. I will go to some AP review sessions as well.”
Matthew Kruepke, West sophomore

Interviews and photos by Nick Bohn and Grace Peplinski, Current Staff.

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