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Staff Members Learn New Safety Plans

West teacher leaps into action during faculty meeting

By Kaitlyn Von Behren, Current Staff

It’s not every work day that Aaron Paulin must rescue two English teachers.

Paulin, a West Bend West High School social studies teacher, was seated near the front at the March 3 teacher in-service, and when presenter Ted Hayes wielded a mock weapon, instinct told him to act. Continue reading

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Tooting Our Own Horn: NEWSPA Awards 2016

2016.05.23 Current Staff

WBHS journalists score 12 awards in statewide contest 

For the second year in a row, The West Bend Current received top recognition from the Northeastern Wisconsin Scholastic Press Association.

Judges for the 2016 NEWSPA contest again gave blue ribbon honors to The Current for a website not published as part of a journalism class, saying that many of the stories “reflect an original, enterprising approach to news gathering.”

The website’s student reporters also took home eleven individual awards. Continue reading


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Tooting Our Own Horn: NEWSPA Awards 2015


Kopish leads with three prizes in statewide journalism contest

Students at West Bend East and West High took home seven individual awards in the 2015 NEWSPA contest for student journalism.  The West Bend Current also earned blue ribbon honors for online publication. Continue reading


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Shake It Down


 Compass Committee offers more direction for second semester

By Beth Williams, Current Staff

If you turn on the radio, chances are that you will hear the familiar sound of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” The staff members who are part of the high schools’ Compass Committee, however, are trying to get new lyrics stuck in their students’ heads: shake it down. Continue reading

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Check Out the New Chromebooks


By Hannah Bensen, Current Staff

Fifteen years ago, personal computers were rare and expensive items.  Now, they can be checked out for free at the high school. Continue reading

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Student Desk or Petri Dish?


Kim Barrett, English teacher, wipes the student desks in her classroom.

By Natalie Wanasek, Current Staff

It’s not unusual for English teacher Kim Barrett to finish the school day by reaching for a surface cleaner. In fact, Barrett provides sanitizer and Clorox wipes for her students to use if they should find the need to clean off their desk.

“It seems like the desks haven’t been cleaned much at all this year.  I know they have, it’s just very sporadic,” said Barrett. Continue reading

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The Morning Men

Morning Men

By Ben Johnson, Current Staff

“It really helps me realize there are still gentlemen in the world.”

These are the words Kim Barrett used to describe East juniors Derek Eagle and Brett Mueller.  But what prompted such strong words from the East English teacher?

Every morning, Derek and Brett meet in the NS stairwell and hold open the entrance doors for anyone who arrives at school.  The two best friends have been at their post nearly every day since the beginning of their sophomore year, becoming well-known fixtures of the school morning. Continue reading


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