The Morning Men

Morning Men

By Ben Johnson, Current Staff

“It really helps me realize there are still gentlemen in the world.”

These are the words Kim Barrett used to describe East juniors Derek Eagle and Brett Mueller.  But what prompted such strong words from the East English teacher?

Every morning, Derek and Brett meet in the NS stairwell and hold open the entrance doors for anyone who arrives at school.  The two best friends have been at their post nearly every day since the beginning of their sophomore year, becoming well-known fixtures of the school morning.

They both get to school around 7 a.m. and talk with each other until they have to get to their classes.  Last year they began to notice all of the incoming students and teachers, so the two friends decided to start opening the doors for the arriving people.

“We might as well do something,” said Brett.

Soon, this became a daily habit for Brett and Derek.

“It’s abnormal not to see them,” said East social studies teacher Scott Mindel, an every day user of these doors.  Mindel also said that the deed that is performed on a daily basis by Brett and Derek is not expected and is uncommon for today’s youth.

The teachers who go through these doors every day are grateful for the kindness of the two friends.  Barrett said that the act of kindness makes the beginning of her day much nicer, and Mindel said, “it’s kind of a nice way to start my day.”

Derek and Brett have a positive impact on students and teachers every day, and they ask for nothing in return.

(Image: Derek Eagle and Brett Mueller at their morning post.  Photograph by Ben Johnson.)


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2 responses to “The Morning Men

  1. This is a great story. Wonderful job guys, you are an inspiration.

  2. Mr. Kurth

    Nice work. A refreshing piece, and act.

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