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Why Wasn’t 9/11 Memorialized This Year?

By Elise Marlett and Lauren Oppermann, Current Staff

September 11, 2018 seemed just like any other day for students at West Bend High Schools.

Many students and teachers were surprised when 9/11 was not given a schoolwide memorial last Tuesday. In previous years, an announcement was read over the PA system or articles retelling the devastating story were handed out to students. Continue reading


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‘I Couldn’t Just Sit Back’: Protest Organizers Call for Change

WBHS students are divided about how to address school violence

By Elise Marlett and Lauren Oppermann, Current Staff

Four West Bend teenagers have taken the lead after the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

East junior Lindsay Kramer, West senior Olivia McClain, East senior Alina Prahl and West sophomore Jada Williams organized the West Bend High Schools’ participation in a nationwide moment of silence. The demonstration took place 10 a.m. Wednesday on the football field. Continue reading

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High School Program Prepares Students for the Job Olympics

By Lauren Oppermann, Current Staff

Right now, one can enjoy the thrilling Winter Olympics on TV. However, in the middle of May, students from the West Bend High Schools will be participating in their own Olympics.

Students with special needs have the chance to participate in the Job Olympics. Though it is comparable to the Special Olympics, the event focuses on career-related competitions rather than sports. Ten different local schools participate in this event. Continue reading


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The Chronicle Wall

West teacher records special class moments for posterity

By Lauren Oppermann, Current Staff

Have you ever laughed so hard you wished you could live in that moment forever?

Seven years into his teaching career, West Bend West High School social studies teacher Aaron Paulin found himself thinking exactly that. Now, inside his classroom, the side wall is filled with mementos and a list of special moments in the classroom. It’s surrounded by students reminiscing about past times when their day was made a little brighter. This wall is covered with a large piece of paper that serves as “The Chronicle Wall.” Continue reading

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