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Prom Has That Sinking Feeling

Der Untergang der Titanic

By Allison Trampe, Contributing Writer

When this year’s prom theme was announced, many students didn’t think about tuxedos, corsages, and a night of luxury. Instead, they thought about mass disaster.

West Bend juniors and seniors will board the Titanic for prom on Saturday at the Washington County Fair Park. The choice of theme has proven to be controversial. Continue reading

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Moran Traveled to Africa


By Shelbie Proudfoot, Current Staff

For most teenagers, taking a trip means heading to the mall, but for East senior Maggie Moran, it means going to Rwanda. Continue reading


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Citizen of the World


East junior sacrifices cell phone to help rape victims in Africa

By Kayla Furlano, Current Staff

One act of selflessness can spark a chain reaction of kindness. Maggie Moran, an East junior, experienced this firsthand. Continue reading


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The Current View: PDA

What are your thoughts about public
displays of affection in the hallways?

Allison Craighead 2“I think that students do not need to show affection in school.  It is disturbing to look at.  It begs the question, how do you feel sitting in class with a teacher who just watched you perform a tonsillectomy on your significant other five minutes ago in the hallway?”
Allison Craighead, East senior

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