Anti-Bullying at West Bend High Schools

By: Sophie Aspenleiter
This past month, West Bend High Schools gave a warm welcome, and goodbye, to Anti-Bullying month!  Anti-Bullying can be anything from stepping into a fight in person or over the Internet.  I’m sure people have seen their fair share of fights and usually it’s physical fighting, but that’s not always true. Our generation is filled with the media venues like the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and many other social networks.  Fights break out on there more than you would think.  Some things people say to each other are triggering too, and some teens kill themselves if it gets too bad.

Amanda Todd reaching out for help

I’m sure you have heard of Amanda Todd, but if you haven’t, she was a teenage girl who killed herself because of Internet bullies.  An inappropriate picture of her circulated around her school and on Facebook.  It got so bad that she couldn’t even go out of her house.  The following week, she committed suicide.
Suicide is definitely not the answer to bullying!  If you feel pressured by a bully, the suicide hotline’s number is 1-800-784-2433.  Anti-Bullying always helps too!  If you see someone getting physically or verbally abused, don’t hesitate to step in or report it to an adult.  You won’t be marked as a “loser” or a “freak.”  If anything, people would probably think what you did was heroic.  Bullying is not okay, and please know it’s more than okay to stop it.

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