The Rivalry Continues

East hosted West in basketball Friday night. It felt like another homecoming because of the great rivalry we have for our schools in sports. Both East and West had a lot of exited students cheering their teams on to victory, but only one of them can win. When we normally play against each other it is usually neck and neck. This time, East lead in points all thoughout the game, while West tried to hang on.wbehmn120512_003-1024x683

Home   Away

East       West

Q1:       9             8

Q2:      26         24

Q3:      42          33

Q4:      59          52

It seems we both have great teams; we have so much talent on both sides.  So while West may have lost this round, there will always be the next rematch on February 12th at 7:30pm in the Field House. I hope to see you there, and I wish all the seniors on both teams good luck to their future, whether they go on further with basketball or not.

By: Jenise Fehring

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