Forensics Superstar: Nathan Holcomb

Have you ever wondered what Forensics is all about? Forensics is a competition of Debate and Public Speaking. Events include:

Congressional Debate (Student US Congress)Nathan (2)

Cross-Examination Team Debate (Policy Debate)

Extemporaneous Speaking

Declamation (not in all leagues & for 9th-10th graders)

Interpretation (Dramatic, Humorous, Duo and Group)

Lincoln/Douglas Debate

Orignal Oratory

Public Forum Debate

We asked our Forensics Superstar Nathan Holcomb to tell us a bit about his experiences in his 4 years of being on the team.

How long have you been in Forensics?

All four years of High School.

What do you like about it?

It’s challenging.

Do you get to pick your topic?

No, not really. We get assigned it. You pick three topics out of an envelope then narrow it down to one for speaking. You always try to pick the best one that you have the most information about.

What types of topics are there?

There is a wide range of political, world issues, economy, and court cases. There was also a lot about Egypt, politics, and the candidates running for office. We don’t have choices about pop culture or any sports.

How many times have you gone to state?

Every year I have and came in 2nd twice.

Is it busy during the events?

It is chaotic, but then they put your group in a smaller room to concentrate on what you are competing for.

Have you been scared?

Freshman year I used note cards, and I was scared and shaking. However, once you’ve done a couple and have gathered more information on a topic over the years, you get more confident debating the issues.

Do you know other kids from other schools?

Yes, and we sometimes bounce off topic issues and listen to comedy channel together between competitions.

Do you see the same people around at these meets?

Yes, a lot at the state one and at Nationals every so often we run into someone.

Are you chaperoned?

No, we are pretty much alone in the building but we are chaperoned in our down time. When competing we are not chaperoned.

Where have you gone to nationals?

We have gone to Baltimore and Indianapolis in our junior year. We also have been to Washington D.C. and Dallas in my sophomore year. This year the National Forensics League (NFL) will be held in Birmingham, Alabama.

Who do you look up to?

People say I take after my older brother, and I look like him too.

Did you beat your brother in any of the same topics?

Yes, in sophomore year I got 2nd and he got 3rd in student congress. We were on the same team for my freshman, and sophomore year.

Do you have any memories from this experience?

It was fun! Sometimes it was a bit tiring because we were on the road before 7 am for meets, but it was always worth it.

Next time you see Nathan in halls, wish him luck at Nationals!

By Jenise Fehring

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