Fast Break with Vande Zande

Ben Vande Zande

My Favorite Things - Vande Zande

Thing about having Dad as a coach:  I love every second having my dad as a basketball coach.  He has been my coach since I was in middle school and it hasn’t always been easy, but it has been such a great experience. He has done a great job keeping coach and dad separate, and being able to share our favorite sport together is probably my favorite thing about having my dad as a coach.  I also believe that he has made me better as a player since he pushes me harder than any other coach would.

Professional athlete:  Kevin Durant is a professional athlete who has inspired me.  He has overcome a physical condition that doesn’t allow him to put on muscle and still is arguably the best player in the NBA.

Sports movie:  My favorite sports movie is Hoosiers. It’s a movie about a basketball team in Indiana that overcomes adversity to win the state championship. It is an older basketball movie that my dad and I have always enjoyed watching for its great plot.

Pre-game ritual:  My favorite pre-game ritual is right before the game starts I say a small prayer during the national anthem, since veterans are very important to me as my grandfather won a Purple Heart in Korea.  Then I go and give a high five to every coach before I take the floor.

Shoe brand:  I have always been a Nike guy, just like how they fit and look.  I have always had Nike basketball shoes.

Point scored:  My favorite point scored is a three-pointer vs. West the first time this year.  We were up by 12 in the fourth quarter and I made a three-pointer from the corner, right in front of our bench to put the game out of reach.  This was a great moment.  I will never forget celebrating with my teammates and my friends in the crowd.

Part of basketball:  Working together with a team and having a second family.Many players enjoy games and playing, and I really like playing and the competition, but more than that I enjoy the teamwork aspect. I love to work as a team to win. A win as a team is so much more fulfilling than a personal win.

Favorite basketball team: My favorite basketball team is Wisconsin.  I have always been a diehard Badger fan and love going to and watching their games.

Interview by Miranda Paikowski, Current Staff.  Photo courtesy of Ben Vande Zande.

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