The Current View: Merging the Schools

How do you feel about combining East and West?

Katie_Schlicht“I think they should not combine because they would have to change all the mascots, apparel, and colors around the school.”
Katie Schlict, East senior

Brock_Albeiro“I don’t think they should.  It would be too much money to combine them and it would be too much work.  I like it the way it’s always been.”  
Brock Albeiro, East freshman

Jacob_Beine“I think they should stay separate because the only reason they are separate now is because of sports, and the rivalry is fun.”
Jacob Beine, East freshman

Alex_Haas“They should combine, it makes more sense.  They shouldn’t be spending money on separate schools.”
Alex Haas, West senior

Suzy_Schober“It’s a tradition, and no one understands the feeling of walking through the hallway and seeing your opponent.  It’s a good feeling because you see the pride.”
Suzy Schober, West senior

Ashley_Iverson“They should stay the same.  I like it better with sports.  East and West have a big rivalry.”
Ashley Iverson, West junior

Interviews and photos by Alex Kopish, Editor in Chief

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