Quarterback Q&A

How do rival varsity quarterbacks Schrank and Lenz feel about combining East and West?

By Ben Johnson, Current Staff

Quarterback is arguably the most important position in football, and The Current had the opportunity to ask the East and West quarterbacks, Seth Schrank and Jake Lenz, about the most important issue facing the high schools.

What is your opinion on the schools combining?
Jake Lenz: I think it’s terrible.
Seth Schrank: I don’t like it. I like the rivalry between the schools.

How do you think the combination would affect the football program?
Jake: I think it would help, but the team would also be facing tougher competition.
Seth: The team could be pretty good, but a lot of kids wouldn’t make the team.

Is there extra pressure on you considering this could be the last East vs. West game?
Jake: Yeah, there are a lot of kids in the youth program who look up to us.
Seth: Yeah, as quarterbacks we are the leaders of our teams.

What does the East vs. West rivalry mean to you?
Jake: It’s pretty important, we’re all friends on both teams, and we have had the rivalry so long it’s kind of embedded in us.
Seth: It’s pretty important; we’ve been playing each other since fifth grade.

These two quarterbacks lead their teams into what could potentially be the final East vs. West homecoming game this Friday. The West Spartans come into the game with a 3-3 record (1-3 conference), and the East Suns have a 1-5 record (1-3 conference).

Both of these quarterbacks have played quarterback throughout their high school careers, with Schrank winning the rivalry matchup in both his freshman and JV seasons. Lenz and the Spartans claimed victory for varsity last year.

This rivalry game is the most anticipated game of the year for both teams, and this year Schrank and Lenz are competing for possibly the final school bragging rights.


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2 responses to “Quarterback Q&A

  1. Tim Perkins

    I went to West Bend East in the late 70s graduated in 1980, played sports and then coached JV baseball there for 12 years. I can tell you playing the rivalry love East versus west is the best bar none. I couldn’twait to play against my friends on Friday night, That I had been in class with all week. Playing was really great, then coaching I got to see how It gave more kids an opportunity to participate in the sports They love. There was nothing better than an East versus west game weather it was football, baseball, or basketball , don’t split the schools

  2. Mr. Zappia

    Good luck Jake and Seth!!

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