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Homecoming: Players Have No Fear

By Lexie Mull, Current Staff

Friday’s homecoming football game might prove to be spooky wooky. Continue reading

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Gaining Yards on 1989

2015-Football (4)a

East freshmen are ready to blitz the legend of the last undefeated West Bend varsity team

By Justin Scherzer, Current Staff

The East freshman football team has local fans excited about the future.

The freshman team completed an undefeated season in late October, finishing with a 7-0 record. The team averaged 48 points per game, and allowed an average of eight points per game. This is the first time since 1989 that any West Bend football team has had a perfect record. Continue reading

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That Doesn’t Look Good


By Maggie Kieser, Current Staff

Although the East vs. West homecoming game is still one day away, East football can already claim dominance in one category: injuries.

“I would cut it off if I had to,” said Jason Myrick, an East junior who broke his left pinky finger in a varsity football game against Slinger on Sept. 25. Myrick sustained a complete through and through fracture on his left pinky finger one week before the beloved homecoming game. Continue reading

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Former Sun Will Be a Badger

Zack Baun 2 of 2

By Anthony Schlass, Current Staff

Next year, football fans in West Bend will have a reason to cheer a little bit louder for the Wisconsin Badgers. Continue reading

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East Suns Welcome Female Kicker


Stapelfeldt proves that football is not just for boys

By Anthony Schlass, Current Staff

As a soccer star, Rachael Stapelfeldt has always used her strong leg on the field, but this fall she surprised many local sports fans by using that leg to kick field goals. Continue reading

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Vote West Bend for Game of the Week

If Friday’s battle proves to be the final East/West homecoming game, shouldn’t it be the Game of the Week for the FOX6 High School Blitz?  Vote now!


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Quarterback Q&A

How do rival varsity quarterbacks Schrank and Lenz feel about combining East and West?

By Ben Johnson, Current Staff

Quarterback is arguably the most important position in football, and The Current had the opportunity to ask the East and West quarterbacks, Seth Schrank and Jake Lenz, about the most important issue facing the high schools.

What is your opinion on the schools combining?
Jake Lenz: I think it’s terrible.
Seth Schrank: I don’t like it. I like the rivalry between the schools. Continue reading


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West has Pep!

By: Alyssa Rohleder

Pep rallies are an important part of Homecoming Week, and here is the scoop on West’s Pep Rally!  This special event includes the West student body and staff as they come together before the West v. East Varsity Homecoming game.  During the assembly, there are activities that include: tug of war chants, to see which grade is loudest, introductions of homecoming court as well as the football team’s dance created by the dance team.  This event is usually a fan favorite.  The staff make important announcements such as the new Compass reminders (our positive behavior rewards system).

During the tug of war, the competition came down to teachers v. Juniors.  After an exciting match, the Juniors defeated the staff.  Once again, the Seniors proved to have the most spirit and loudest chanting.  They were rewarded with the West Spirit Stick by the Spartan mascot.  The football dances were a big hit among everyone.  These teams were the Freshmen, Junior Varsity, and Varsity football teams.  After the Girls’ Dance Team showed them up, with an amazing performance, everyone left the field house in excitement for the parade, which was followed by the football game and dance.

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