The Current View: Canvas

How do you feel about Canvas, the new online learning tool?

Ashley Backhaus“I think that Canvas is very useful, especially for AP classes.  It is good when teachers are able to put practice quizzes on there.”
Ashley Backhaus, West senior

Morgan Hansen“I think Canvas is helpful when trying to make up homework assignments, but sometimes teachers do not update it.”  
Morgan Hansen, West junior

Jack Nelson“I think it is a helpful tool so that we can see our homework and ask questions.”
Jack Nelson, West freshman

Cheyenee Roach“We can talk to our teachers through group conversations and we can practice quizzes and print files we have lost or just don’t have.  Which are all great things, though some teachers don’t actually update or put anything useful on it, and they don’t answer any questions we ask them.”
Cheyenne Roach, East senior

Gabi Wanasek“I forget that we even use it sometimes.  I’ve checked it maybe three times the whole year so far.  I don’t find it useful.”
Gabi Wanasek, East junior

Saige Quello“I like Canvas because it shows upcoming due dates and upcoming quizzes and tests.”
Saige Quello, East junior

Interviews and photos by Alex Kopish, Editor in Chief


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2 responses to “The Current View: Canvas

  1. Jason Penterman

    A course’s Curriculum determines the extant of Canvas use. Also, a significant percentage of the 7,000 (approx) WBSD students have limited or no access to the Internet outside of schools due to economic issues. Teachers are required to consider this when incorporating and/ or requiring the use of any Internet or computer based technology for their classes. The public schools cannot leave any child/ student behind.

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