Decision 2019: Board Candidates on Their Vision for the District

What are the unique goals you would seek to achieve while on the school board?


Paul Fischer

My goal is to see the stability of the school district that they’ve attained in the last 12 months, to see that continue for the next 36 months. Beyond that, I really don’t have goals, per se, because I’m not bringing an agenda to the table. I think that’s maybe happened in the past, and that’s been part of our challenges as a community. We all want the same thing: to have well-rounded students coming out that are well-prepared for their post high school experience, whether that’s the workforce or secondary education. And our job is to support that, in the best way possible.

Christopher Bach

If elected, I want to ensure that the culture of the school district reflects both the science and art of education. Too often in the private, non-profit, and public sector, standardized data and metrics become the end all. I want to ensure that teachers are provided with wide guardrails in which to operate and that the creative and adaptive side of teaching is not stifled due to rigid adherence to a set curriculum.

Erin Dove

In the past 10 years we’ve had a lot of variance in the district administration. To gain some stability would resonate with the community and help people see West Bend School District as a place that they want to send their kids. I also think along those same lines, to find ways to engage teachers and staff so that they want they want to stay here. We have some really great teachers, and I want them to remain in the West Bend School District.

I think the high school’s STEM and CTE course offerings are amazing. There is really a renewed focus on technical jobs and the trades. I think this is great and we should continue to offer and expand these programs to prepare students for career success.

I saw a video at one of the school board meetings about the different CTE offerings and it was really eye-opening and interesting. I think we need to communicate that out to the community. I don’t think people are aware of all the offerings available and the successes along the way. I’m excited for the path we are on.

Interviews by Current reporters Rachel Gergetz, Lily Mottet and Justin Scherzer. Responses are listed in the order that the candidates will appear on the April 2 ballot.

Read more about the candidates at The Current, including their backgrounds, thoughts on the referendum and reasons for prioritizing education.

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