The Current View: School Temperatures

What are your thoughts about the heating and cooling systems at the high schools?

In Mr. Clark’s classroom it is a hotbox and I usually need to take off multiple layers, compared to Mrs. Kastner’s class where she has to keep blankets in the closet because it is so cold. I also never know how to dress because the temperature fluctuates so much.”
Abigail Canfield, West junior

“The systems now are really outdated and the temperatures are really inconsistent. It’s always hot and then cold. You could be walking down the hallway and there be a 10-degree difference in the temperature. In one of my classes it’s in the low 60s and in the next one it’s in the high 70s. It’s just very inconsistent.”
Ethan Carmichael, West senior

Last year during history we had to go have class down in the hallway because our class was 98 degrees during the summer and no one could focus. My chemistry room was freezing today, like usual, because it is (near) the outside of the school. I just think it’s necessary that we get some new systems.”
Maddie Dove, West sophomore

“They have a lot of hot patches and cold patches. My resource is boiling but in other classes it’s freezing cold.”
Alex Shreves, West senior

“There are always classrooms that are freezing cold and then there are some that are super warm. Mrs. Schmoldt’s classroom is always so warm, whereas in some of the English classrooms you walk in and it’s like 40 degrees. It’s also always so cold in the French room. She has actual blankets to keep us warm.”
Aidan Schmidt, East junior

Interviews and photos by Abby Gawrych, Current Staff.

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