Two Tongues Up: Reviewing the School Water

By Colton Bruce, Current Staff

Some movies are a 6 out of 10. So are some bubblers, says one area teenager.

An anonymous student at the West Bend High Schools runs an Instagram account, @wbhs_bubblers, that reviews water fountains across the school on a 0-10 scale. Each post includes a photo and an in-depth review of the bubbler. So far the student has reviewed nine bubblers and has plans to review every single bubbler in the school by the end of the school year.

The Current was granted an interview with the reviewer, who communicated only through Instagram Messenger and wishes to remain anonymous.

What can you reveal about yourself?
I’m a freshman West student.

What inspired you to make this account?
I have seen other students running accounts about our school for about a year now and they are always negative, so I thought I could change it up and make a positive and funny account. I got the idea after I heard someone at another school was running a bubbler account and I got inspired by that.

Which bubblers do you wish you could review?
I don’t have any bubbler I really have my eyes on, but I get requests to review the bubbler in the band hallway and the gym locker room and the gym hallway.

What do you think of the “bubbler or water fountain” debate?
I stand on the water fountain side. It sounds better than bubbler and more people understand it than bubbler. I’m pretty sure only people in Wisconsin use the word bubbler. Everywhere else no one uses that word. I know I should support the Wisconsin word on this but water fountain just sounds better.

Anything you want to say to the people reading?
I gotta say that the bubbler by the second floor stairs is the best one. And the schools should replace the bad bubblers because those are the worst things I have ever tasted.

(The @wbhs_bubblers account can be found on Instagram. Images are screenshots from the account.)

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