Vote West Bend for Game of the Week

If Friday’s battle proves to be the final East/West homecoming game, shouldn’t it be the Game of the Week for the FOX6 High School Blitz?  Vote now!


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2 responses to “Vote West Bend for Game of the Week

  1. Judy Ninke

    This should be about the kids getting an education and allowing them to play the sports they choose to. We don’t care about having the biggest school in the state, we moved to a small community because that is what we wanted, small school. Big schools kids get lost in the shuffle and don’t get the same education as in a small school. I wouldn’t be surprised if you decide to merge that some families move. To be honest I cannot even believe this is up for discussion. We don’t care to play the big teams, because our children that now play won’t be able to play next year or the year after. We will lose all of West Bend’s spirit. Kids that play now that aren’t the best but still get to play and it helps with self esteem and making them feel like they belong and why do you feel the need to make that change. Better wake up and vote NO to this merger.

  2. Mr. Zappia

    I voted. Thanks for the info.

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