Hayley Schulz: Bowling Ace


By Jenise Fehring
I had the opportunity to interview Hayley on her life in bowling. She is a senior at East High School. Her and the West Bend East Girls Bowling Team went to state on March 2nd, 2013.

Q1: How long have you been Bowling?
I have been bowling since I was six years old.
Q2: How many times have you qualified for state?
As a team this was the first time a girls team from West Bend has gone. I qualified, sophomore and freshman year individually.
Q3: How did you take it all in?
I was definitely very excited, but nervous. I wasn’t excited for long before I was focused on practices.

Q4: What is your favorite thing about Bowling?
My favorite thing about bowling would be the challenge it brings and the opportunity of bowling with so many people.

Q5: How do you think your season went on a personal level and as a team level?
Personally, I think this was my best year, and as a team, it was also a best year.

Q6: Who were your other biggest rivals other than the East vs. West competition?
In our district, it would be Campbellsport, and once we hit the end of the season with sectionals, we would add Plymouth and Random Lake.

Q7: Why do you like this sport so much?
I like the sport because it teaches you about yourself and how to handle frustration, but also it teaches you team work and that no other player is more important than the other.

Q8: Who was your biggest encouragement?
My biggest encouragement would be my Dad. He’s been there helping and coaching me the whole way through. He’s always at my tournaments, supporting me. He calms me down when needed; he’s the best.

Q9: Who do you look up to for Bowling?
Again, I look up to my dad. He’s been bowling his whole life and he’s shown me the ups and downs, what not to do, and how hard work pays off.
Q10: Did you do any rituals to get “pumped up” for your matches?
I don’t do any rituals. This year I always went and got Starbucks before the bus rides.

Q11: What is the best advice ever given to you for Bowling?
“Don’t let your head get in the way. Don’t convince yourself there’s no way you can loose, and don’t get so down where you think you cant come back and do your best.” My Dad says this to me a lot!

Q12: What are some down sides to this sport?
The downside is the equipment is very expensive. Balls are the most. Shoes and bags aren’t cheap either.

Q13: What is your most memorable moment you have had thought this sport?
My most memorable moment was in 8th grade. I was already bowling with the high school team and we were bowling in Grafton. We needed one pin to win and I was the fifth bowler, bowling strikes all night and I threw it straight in the gutter in the 10th frame after two strikes.

Q14: Will you continue to play Bowling in College?
I won’t be going to any college to bowl on the team or club, but I do want to come back and help the girls returning and joining.

Q15: What will you miss about your High School bowling career most?
I am going to miss everything: the girls, the bus rides, the inside jokes and just being apart of a team.

Q16: If you had the chance would you do it all over again? If so, what would you change?
If I could do it again, I would. I would want to repeat all 4 years, but I wouldn’t change anything. It is all good memories.

Q17: What would you say to your classmates, future bowling players, coaches and everyone that has had team spirit and has helped you along the way?
I would tell my classmates it’s a SPORT! I would encourage everyone to join. It’s a great experience, and for my coaches, my dad & coach Dennis Nowack, Thank you so much for making me the best I can be and helping me through. The team, well thanks for a great four years and an amazing senior year; I couldn’t have asked for anything better.


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