Let the Facts Do the Talking

Sorensen explains the mission of The Current



Dear Reader,

At its core, the staff of The West Bend Current is a group of student writers aiming to bring information to both the students and residents of West Bend, while practicing and improving our journalism skills.

As a staff we have developed a sense of identity and a clear mission.

We are here to challenge ourselves as reporters. We are not a bulletin board for information that can be easily found on Twitter, Facebook, or district emails. The Current is not simply a vehicle to announce sports scores or what is being served for lunch. Instead, our goal is to delve deeper into news stories and increase understanding. We are journalists, not publicists.

We also strive to cover a variety of topics. Our staff must constantly keep their ears open to what everyone is talking about. Because of our online format, our audience stretches far beyond the walls of the high school. As student journalists, we are able to not only inform our peers, but also provide a unique window for the community at large to gaze into student life and student issues. While we emphasize serious news, of course there is a time and place for passionate editorials, silly human interest stories, and classic high school tales, too.

We must always practice ethics and most importantly present responsible reporting. We are here to allow the facts do the talking, and present honest information free from bias (unless of course it is an editorial).

We are a group of extremely talented young writers. As a staff, last year we won blue ribbon honors for our online blog in the statewide NEWSPA contest. We are very proud of our accomplishments, but we know we have a lot to learn. We would like to thank our readership for supporting us and allowing us to present news to both our school and our community. Stay tuned for an amazing year for The Current.


Lauren Sorensen
Editor in Chief

The Current welcomes submissions from all students, faculty, administration, and community members, but reserves the right to edit for length or content.  Any column, editorial, or letter to the editor expresses the opinion of the author and not necessarily the entire staff.

(Photograph courtesy of Yokes Photography.)

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