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Baby, It’s Chile Outside


By Hannah Bensen, Editor in Chief

One West Bend student is about to experience his very first white Christmas.

Juan Pablo Cofré, a Chilean foreign exchange student who attends East High School, is used to being warm for the holidays.

“I have never had Christmas in the snow. It is always really, really hot for Christmas [in Chile],” Cofré said. Continue reading

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The Most Repetitive Time of the Year


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Exactly what it says on the tin.

We’ve all seen them, the obligatory Christmas special that every TV show gets around this time of year. They’re often poorly thought out, rushed, and they always have the main character or the villain learning the (gag) “True spirit of Christmas.”

It’s lame, uninspired and a box to check on a script writer’s agenda list.

But you’re probably not wondering, “I’m a person that aspires to go into television writing (and a talentless hack), so I want to know how to produce Christmas specials.” So I present to you a complete template of how to make a cookie cutter Christmas special. Continue reading

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Teens Deserve Christmas Magic, Too

Local charity needs holiday donations for older children

By Courtney John, Current Staff

The magic that helps Santa’s sleigh fly on Christmas Eve is the same magic that allows families with insufficient resources to receive gifts over the Christmas holidays.

The Gingerbread House is a local organization whose goal is to provide each and every family in Washington County an equal opportunity to have a perfect Christmas. Headed by Linda White, the Gingerbread House is in its 14th year of providing Christmas miracles. It aims to provide new presents to every member of the family, including parents. Continue reading


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