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There’s Always Time for Charity

Playoff basketball might interfere with Saturday’s Charity Ball

By Jessica Steger, Editor in Chief

Scheduling Charity Week proved much more difficult this year as compared to the past. Continue reading

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Charity Week Gets a Facelift

By Kaitlyn Von Behren, Current Staff

The Charity Ball has a new name: Snowcoming.

Over the past month, the WBHS Student Council made decisions to modify the annual Charity Week, to encourage more students to participate. Only 300 students attended the Charity Ball last year. Continue reading

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I’d Buy That for a Dollar!


Did Charity Week inadvertently teach the wrong lessons?

Paikowski - Editorial Pic - ResizedBy Miranda Paikowski, Current Staff

Last week WBHS students successfully raised $26,000 for charity and learned valuable lessons about generosity.

Or did they?

Continue reading


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Kick Off the Sunday Shoes

Charity Ball

By Holly Williams, Current Staff

Attendance at the Charity Ball dance was down this year, with around 450 tickets sold instead of a usual 700.  This significant drop in attendance may have come, in part, as a result of new school dance rules. Continue reading

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Every Penny Helps

WBHS nearly sets record during Charity Week

By Hannah Johnson, Current Staff

Pockets jingling up and down the halls, carts rolling to pick up money, and teachers making bets with each other can only mean that the time of giving has once again arrived at West Bend High Schools. No, this is not the holidays, but something close to it for WBHS students: Charity Week.

The week of February 11-15 was Charity Week, a week dedicated to raising money for various organizations. This year $26,000 was raised for the following charities: Fischer House; Parkinson’s Foundation; Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; Hope for Congo; West Bend Public Schools Foundation; and Make-A-Wish Foundation. Continue reading

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